Emmanuel Church Eggborough

What is a Christian?

God made us and knows what is best for us, so He gave us a set of instructions, called God's commandments, to make sure we don't hurt ourselves or other people, and can all get along.

When we disobey God's instructions the Bible calls it sin. Sin always hurts someone, and so it has to be paid for, much like you would expect justice if someone hurt or stole from you.

A Christian is simply someone who believes that Jesus Christ paid that price in their place for all the commandments they have broken when he died on the cross. They have asked Jesus to forgive their sins, and have invited him into their life to change them and prepare them for heaven (a place without any sin or hurt) and who now live in a relationship with God, to please Him by following Christ's example.

You may have heard the phrase,
"What would Jesus do?"
This should be how we live our lives.

A true Christian is not better than anyone else, is not 'holier than thou', and does not "bash" the Bible, although you may see a few loved and well read Bibles that look like they've been bashed a few times.

We are just sinners saved by God's grace.

The alternative is that you have to pay the price for breaking the rules yourself. Much like you would have to pay the price for committing a crime. The Bible names the place of this punishment and separation from God as Hell.