Emmanuel Church Eggborough

We are a community of Christians.
That's basically what a church is.

We believe that God, who created the universe, is a real person that everyone can know, and who can change every part of our lives for the better. We exist to spread this good news.

That’s what our church is all about.

There are many myths, opinions and misunderstandings about Christianity, and unfortunately many people that just use the word as a label and mislead others, and we think the most important information we can impart is to ensure everyone who seeks the truth can understand the message of the Bible correctly, as it has eternal implications to each of us individually.

Always check what you are told or read about God and the Christian faith against what the Bible says, as the Bible is the only source of truth for true Christians.

Perhaps you have just moved into Eggborough or nearby and are looking for a friendly church to join. Or maybe you are just interested in making new friends in the area and/or finding out more about faith and the Bible. Everyone is welcome.

Take a look around our site,
and come and visit us in person.
We are part of your village community in many ways and we would love to meet you.

We are affiliated with the FIEC
(Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches)
and share their
basis of faith